Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello June

I can't believe it is June already. The hollyhocks have started blooming in the garden.

I usually don't set stitching goals for the month but I seem to have a lot of projects lined up.

1- I would like to get Marietta finished. Thanks for all the input on the slubs.

2- the July Pine Mountain Pillow.

3- my ornament for the Christmas All Year Long. This month is stitcher's choice and I have pulled a kit for a Brittercup Design ornament from the stash.

4- I need to stitch some RAKs.

So, it looks like it is going to be a busy month. What are your stitching plans?

I am looking for a Jubilee freebie. If you know of any please let me know.

Well, off to work now. Today is my long day, both jobs. Hopefully it will be a smooth day.

Have a great Friday!

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Jenny said...

Sounds like you have a great plan for the month, Chris. I am sure that you will get it all done - you go girl!

Love the Pine Mountain Design pillow. I have never stitched one of those, but so many of them are absolutely adorable!!

Oh, and the package is still not in the mail... still waiting for a few "extras" to tuck in there! ;-)

Peggy Lee said...

You have reminded me that I think I stitched a Pine Mountain pillow before. I had meant to give it to my MIL but I liked it so much I couldn't part with it..shhhh, don't tell on me!

I like your goals. They seem realistic.

Have FUN!!

Miss Pants said...

Love the Hollyhocks. Mine hasn't started yet. It has the stalk with the buds but not flowers.

You've set some steep goals. I'm just plugging away on my Christmas sampler. And a small bent creek design for Lena's room.

Christina said...

Hi Chris,
The following link isn't to a freebie, but it's very cheap at £1.25. And technically it's not for the Jubilee, but the charts are very cute and linked to London/The Queen! ;0)

Cindy's Stitching said...

love when flowers bloom. spring and summer are so great. your projects look good.

Catherine said...

I can't believe that it is June already!! My stitching plans, with my crazy schedule, are to just try and find sme time here and there to stitch! ;)

Myra said...

Your flowers are looking good Chris. I have been so busy this week, no computer time at all. Looking forward to next Saturday!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I can't think of having seen any Jubilee freebies. Today the Jubilee celebrations were a bit spoiled by the rain. We had it dry in Scotland but it rained the whole time in London.