Sunday, April 29, 2012

Packing Up

Busy day yesterday too. The day started out misty and rainy. I headed over to a local rec center to take a Zumba class with Janelle. She and the women here rock!
I headed out after showering for some shopping. The Michael's here in Greenwood is beautiful. The store I usually shop in is really nasty in comparison. I picked up some trims and charms for future project finishing. *** of you use scroll bars, Michael's had the EZ Stitch items on sale, cheap!!!**** I stitch in hand and don't use them :(

After that it was clearing up so I headed out to the rally. These are all the newer Dodge trucks that they use to pull the older Dodge trucks.
After the yummy hot dog lunch we headed out for a trail ride.

I drove part of the way. This has no power steering.

Behind us.

In front. Of course it is all about finding a big mud puddle, getting your tuck stuck and getting pulled out.

Rich didn't attempt any of these. Only a few did.

Then it was back to the barn for dinner,

And cake.

It was a fun time. The rally will be here next year too.
So this morning we have to go back and load up the truck and head home.

I am leaving Greenwood without taking a single stitch!

Happy Sunday!

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Catherine said...

Sounds like fun ~ all except the no power steering part!
Aaaahhhh....when I take my stitching and don't stitch, my husband will ask if my stitching enjoyed it's vacation!

Margaret said...

Glad it was fun! No power steering -- I don't think I've ever driven without that. lol!

Sarah Beth said...

Sounds like lots of fun. You mentioned Greenwood. Are you from Indiana. We have a great Michael's in Greenwood which is a suburb of Indy. Just curious.maybe we're neighbors.

Krista said...

What a fun adventurous weekend! And finding new stash too! way to go!

Karen said...

That looks like fun... who doesn't like playing in the mud!

Penny said...

What a great weekend! And I think I remember having a car many years ago without power steering - not fun! :) The mud part does sound fun though!

Barb said...

Looks like you had lots of fun,even with no stitching!

Karoline said...

Sounds like you both had a great time

Christina said...

Chris - if you and I lived close to each other, you'd wear me out! Lol. Oh how I miss shopping in Michaels. We have nothing comparable here in the UK. :0(

Cindy's Stitching said...

how nice chris.

marly said...

Well I'm worn out!

doris said...

The only non-power steering I've ever done is in old pick-ups and tractors. That looks like quite a ride!

Nicola said...

Gosh it all looks great fun. You must be strong to drive such a vehicle with no power steering.

Jenny said...

That cake is awesome! Looks like you guys had bunches of fun and the weather seemed to be on your side.
I don't think that I would want to get stuck like that - I think that I would freak out and pray that we wouldn't sink all the way down... LOL

Loraine said...

Looks so fun, except the getting stuck in the mud part. I'm glad you didn't participate in that part!
Sorry you didn't get any stitching in, but I bet your arms had a work out after driving with no power steering!
Have a great week!