Thursday, February 16, 2012


Where is the time going? It is just zooming by.

I hope that everyone had a good Valentine's Day. Ours was pretty quiet. On Monday night the Zumba studio had a couple's Valentine class. The guys got in free. Rich went with me. I think that he had fun but agreed that it was harder than he thought. There were 14 men there. It is really nice that so many men showed up to spend time with their girls. The only problem is that they did a lot of squats and then class Tuesday was a lot more squats, so now I am walking funny.
Tuesday night rich and I went to see The Woman In Black. It was ok. I enjoyed the sets, I spotted a couple of samplers and a sailor's Valentine.
I received this lovely thank you note from Cucki.

She did the quilling. It made me smile.

I also got these 2 Bent Creek kits from eBay. I haven't stitched many patriotic pieces and I like these as travel projects.

I haven't stitched at all this week. Hopefully I will this weekend.
I want to make some minestrone and just stay close to home.

Happy Thursday!


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Catherine said...

I'm with you on February flying by!
Lovely gifts from Cucki and great travel charts!!

Autumn said...

Cute card she made.

Travel charts? Are those called 'travel' because they are small? I've tried stitching while in the car. Blick. Motion sick. :(

geeky Heather said...

Nifty quilling! I want to see Woman in Black...there are a bunch of movies coming that I want to see!

Shirlee said...

Sounds like you had a very nice Valentines Day : ) Cucki sent such a nice thank you. I haven't seen anyone to quilling for ages! Great patriotic charts. Next to Christmas/winter I maybe like patriotic stuff best : ) Blessings, Shirlee

cucki said...

hello dear, me so happy and feeling very glad that you like my card..over the sunny african sky :)
aww very sweet charts..i love them so much..
have a lovely day..
with big hugs
cucki xx

Margaret said...

Nice gifts you received, and great ebay stash too. The Zumba with men sounds like it was interesting. Although I don't like squats much. lol! Lunges are even worse. (Can you tell my new exercise routine includes both? lolol!)

Nicola said...

Did you take a photo of the men in the Zuma class, I hope they were wearing leotards. LOL.

Wishing you a good weekend with lots of stitching time.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Sounds like you've been busy. The Bent creek kits are great to take with you. Big and easy to see. CJ in OK ;-)

Myra said...

How sweet of Rich to go Zumba with you. I love your new Bent Creek kits.

Always smiling said...

Hi Chris

Beautiful photo of your home in the snow.. I read back and saw your lovely stitching, just love that christmas tree ornie and great finish.

Chris x

Ranae said...

That was a cool idea to bring the guys to a zumba class on Valentine's Day.
I went to a blacklight zumba party Friday night, it was so fun, but for 2 hours is was exhausting.
You received some lovely things in the mail, thats so fun