Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Binx, You Are Not Helping!

Hello Friends!
How is your week going? It was beautiful and 70 degrees here today.
I got a wonderful package in the mail from my friend. It had the Sotheby's catalog for the Betty Ring sale in it.

This is a wonderful book! The pictures are wonderful. I will be spending hours with this one.
I am finally getting some stitching time but Binx has decided that there is no stitching tonight.

Really Binx?

Oh well. I will try again tomorrow.

My friend sent me this.

I am definitely in the 2nd category.

Sweet dreams!

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Barb said...

Happy viewing! Binx is sooooo cute! I need him, we recently caught 5 mice! I'd have a Binx but I'm very allergic! UG!

robindefender said...

Aw, sweet Binx. Could you lay the fabric on top of him and stitch? That way, he can catch the thread and needle with his paw as you pull it through the underside. ;) The Betty Ring catelog looks fabulous.

Catherine said...

Lucky you to have such a sweet friend to send you that catalogue! Enjoy!
Binx is too cute!
I can't stop laughing about the Zumba picture!!

Margaret said...

lol! Too cute! Binx knows what he wants. :D And that Zumba poster -- too funny! I got the Betty Ring catalogue too. I'm glad I did!

Deborah said...

Binx is way too cute! I don't get as much done with Stella, either. Oh, well.

Krista said...

Hi Chris, Looks like Binx wants to stitch too! Cute pics. I have that catalog from download, what great information it has on all the pieces. A really great read! Enjoy your day!

Michele B. said...

I love how Binx showed you how he was more important than your stitching! He looks just like my cat Ernie (pic is on my blog a few posts down). But Ernie weighs 20 pounds!

MoonBeam said...

Yes, Binx is cute and cuddly, but doesn't he know how close you are to a really big finish?! Maybe he just wanted a closer look at those birds.


Susan said...

Binx is cute!

I tried to talk my husband into taking me to New York for the Betty Ring auction - he wasn't buying it :(

I bet the catalog is amazing!

Shirlee said...

Binx is "doing a Sophie." Every time I sit down in my recliner to stitch, Sophie jumps up & makes herself at home just like Binx is doing. I think she feels that what I'm doing is boring & that I could use her company to comfort me ... lol! Silly cats : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Lee said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing the poster. I needed that smile this morning!

diamondc said...

Chris: Binx is adorable, I do wish we had another cat Verne the Cat was put to sleep last year, I miss him, I love your poster Jim Carry is doing the dance from Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie one of my very favorite movies its a hoot.

geeky Heather said...

ROTFLOL!! I almost tried a Zumba class this weekend. Glad I did not! =)

marly said...

LOL! That's why I don't go to Zumba classes!

Myra said...

LOL @ the zumba picture. That catalog looks wonderful - I'll bet you will spend lots of time with it. I think you should have lured Binx away with a treat. :o)

Nicola said...

Lucky you and what a wonderful friend to send you the catalogue.

Littlebit said...

When I saw your Binx, I immediately thought of Binx on Hocus Pocus. :)
Drooling over that catalog! Oh, to curl up with that over a morning cup of coffee..
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet someone new.

Jenny said...

Awwww, I would also take a break from stitching with company like Binx visiting!
The Zumba pic made me LOL! Too funny and (in my case, sadly) so true.