Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sampler Update

When I was at the Winterthur retreat I heard about an upcoming exhibit at the Chester County Historical Society.

The exhibit will feature Chester County Samplers and pieces from the Westown School and will run from 12/2/11 to 9/7/12.
If you are in the area please go see the exhibit. I will definitely put it on my to do list. I love Quaker Samplers.

I have made some progress on Sarah.

Happy Wednesday!

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Jenny said...

Sara is so beautiful - great progress!
The exhibition looks really cool. I had to look up how long it would take to get there. 10 hrs and 35 minutes. Hmmmm, still tempting... LOL

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sarah looks wonderful!

BeckySC said...

Sarah is looking lovely!

Penny said...

As I told someone, it is amazing how clueless I am to things going on practically in my own backyard. :) I will have to try and get to this exhibit.
Sarah is really looking pretty!

Carol said...

Nice progress on Sarah, Chris--it is really looking lovely :)

Myra said...

You have made a lot of progress!