Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quiet Birthday

Hello Friends,
I hope that everyone had a nice quiet Sunday. My day was very quiet. I am going out to dinner tomorrow night for dinner with some friends from work and on Thursday I am headed up to Maine. The ear ache is much better. It doesn't hurt any more when I put my head on the pillow.
Rich went out to get the papers this morning and stopped by the post office.

And a box was waiting for me from a dear friend.

Inside were these beautiful over sized mugs. The color doesn't show up well here but they are a pretty green color. Also some marshmallows and some yummy peppermint cocoa from Williams Sonoma. Thanks for making my day!
No, the pumpkin was not I'm the package :)
I spent some of the day stitching.

I put the other bird in and some leaves. I won't take this with me on the trip. I need to pick a project to take with me.
I am really enjoying seeing all the ornaments that everyone is stitching up. It makes me want to stitch some!
Well that's it for today. Have a wonderful week and thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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cucki said...

hello dear, i am your new friend cucki..thank you so much for following my humble blog..i am so happy:)
i love your stitching so much..i so much wanted to do this mystery sampler..i am getting this chart soon..the lady only have part 1 :( but she said she will try to get me others part too..
your is looking so beautiful..keep it up dear..
love for you with hugs xxx

Lee said...

Love the mugs! I'm a sucker for a cool mug. Your sampler is coming along well, too. So pretty! And you've stitched all of those leaves!

Lizzy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Chris! and what Beautiful mugs ~ I never can resist a pretty coffee mug ~ And Birds of a Feather is coming along beautifully ~ I need to get mine out... Have a lovely time in Maine~~~ Blessings always in stitches...

Margaret said...

Glad your ear is feeling better. Love the WIP. And the mugs -- what a wonderful present! Hope you enjoy Maine!

Kathy Ellen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Coming your Way!! So glad that your earache is subsiding. That can be so miserable. Wonderful mugs from your dear friend!

You are making beautiful progress on your "Birds of A Feather" Mystery Sampler!

Jenny said...

Chris, those mugs are gorgeous! So sorry to hear that you have been feeling bad - on your birthday nontheless! Happy belated birthday to you and hope that your ear gets back to normal quickly.
Your sampler looks really pretty and you have gotten so much done on it. I love those sweet little blue birds!

Catherine said...

Love the mugs you received!!
Great stitching progress.
Have s safe trip to Maine - I love it there!