Monday, October 24, 2011

Stitching Friends Well Met

Well it is Monday morning and the start of another work week.

The weekend at the Winterthur conference was great. I saw many friends that I haven't seen for years. Friends from Sampler Gathering and other classes and symposiums.

Here is a picture of the Winterthur house/museum. The leaves have only just started changing so there wasn't a lot of color.
On Friday and Saturday the schedule was lectures in the morning and interactive smaller sessions in the afternoon. The speakers talked about the plymouth jacket, gold thread and wire production, a couple of groups of Connecticut needlework, embroidery in Tudor/Stuart portraits, Berlin work and the Carew crewel work.

The breakout sessions that I took included looking at some I the recaptures in the library.

Here are some if the rare books they showed us that stitchers may have used for inspiration.

This is a book that illustrated different stitches.

These are hand drawn embroidery patterns.

This is a page from a scrap home. It is a scrap book that is all different rooms of a house. The girls would cut out pictures of furniture, lamps and other household items and using prices of wallpaper and fabric they would layout these rooms in the scrap book. It was really interesting.

I took a sampler class with Joanne Harvey. This is the Sarah Collins in the Winterthur collection. I didn't start her, she is going on the shelf with my other black boxes.
Other highlights were viewing the galleries in the museum and the beautiful needlework that was displayed.
On Saturday night we went to see a friend in Pennsylvania who has a wonderful local sampler collection. It was wonderful to see the samplers and her collection of other items. We had a nice dinner an caught up on what she was doing.
Sunday it was up early and heading back home. We stopped south of Richmond to meet and have lunch with another dear stitching friend. It was so nice to catch up. She brought us a wonderful little treat bag with this in it.

Isn't it fabulous?
Stitching friends are the best.

So I have to go get ready for work. I have some more info to post but it will have to wait.

Have a great Monday friends!

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Margaret said...

It sounds divine!! Wish I could have been there too. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences -- and pictures! -- with us! I really enjoyed it!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your weekend sounded wonderful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics with us.

Mindi said...

I had to laugh at the scrapbook house picture. I have a feeling those girls would have loved Pinterest and caught onto technology really well. Sounds like you had a lovely trip.

Penny said...

Winterthur is right in my backyard so I really have no excuse for never having been there. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time ~ thanks for sharing. :)

Catherine said...

So glad you enjoyed your time in my neck of the woods!

marly said...

Sounds like a wonderful interesting weekend!