Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorry Binx

You are not going to Hawaii.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. After visiting the allergist today we have no answer to what caused DH's hives. If it occurs again they will do some more testing.
It was quiet here over the weekend. Rich and I packed.
I made this lovely warm soup.

The recipe is from the Country Cook blog, tortellini meatball soup. Perfect for a rainy weekend.

I also made some progress on the mystery sampler. She is progressing nicely. I went rummaging around in my stash for a travel project and decided on a small sampler from The Essamplaire on 30ct. Hopefully I will get some stitching done.
Well off to work!

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Jenny said...

Oh Chris you tease - you can't just leave us hanging -LOL - which sampler is your new travel project gonna be!?

The mystery sampler looks great!

Catherine said...

Poor Binx!!
I hope your husband is feeling better - I've heard hives can be horrible.
Mystery looks great and I'm curious as to what your travel stitch is!

diamondc said...

I do hope your husband is better.
Your soup looks yummy.
I do wish I was as far along as you are on the Sampler. I am only about a fourth of the way done.

robindefender said...

Ha ha! Can you imagine how exciting a lush, tropical Hawaii would be for that cat? Of course, he'd hate every minute of the journey there!

I know you just can't wait for vacation time to arrive.