Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Mail

Hello Friends!
I hope that Monday has treated you well. The weekend went so fast. DH and I both worked some of it so that made things go fast. Yesterday was spent remembering September 11th. It is very hard for me to watch any of the programs on the attack.
Last week I posted a pay it forward giveaway for the red house small by EEF and I am pleased to announce that DH pulled Faye's name out of the hat. Faye, please shoot me an email with your snail mail address unit so that I can mail the chart to you.
Not much stitching has been happening. I am working on my fall exchange piece. I have been searching for some sweet Halloween things to tuck into the package. I have not had good luck finding anything in my town. I am hoping to turn up some things in Greensboro. I think a Target crawl is in order.
I stopped by the post office today and was rewarded with the following...

Again, I have arrived a little late to this party but I am anxious to work with these beautiful colors. First I need to finish the exchange and finish my mystery sampler.
Well I need to put some stitches in.


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Catherine said...

You were rewarded well!

Lee-Ann said...

I got exactly the same delivery yesterday too.. I just love the colours, can't wait for the 2nd & 3rd charts to arrive.

Like you it won't be started for while.

Siobhan said...

Sweet! Love the stash enhancement. I need to get started on mine, too--I'm waay behind the game on doing my planned summer stitching.

It is hard for me to watch the 9/11 coverage, too. I don't know if the rawness will ever go away.

Kathy Ellen said...

Love your newest stitching stash acquisition! BBD are among my favorite designs too, and "Summer" is such a sweet piece. Enjoy stitching it!

Myra said...

Lovely new stash addition Chris! I got your email and will check the calendar at work tomorrow.

Margaret said...

Love the new stash! I have it as well -- I think I have practically everything those ladies have published. lol!