Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Did That Week Go?!?

Good Morning Friends.
What a hectic week. I am not sure why really, Maybe as I write this I will figure it out.  Thank you for all your comments and kind words. I have been trying to catch up with replying and viewing the other blogs and commenting but I think that I have failed and done a half-a**ed job.
I hope this week I will be better.
I have started this small as a gift for a friend. I can't show more because she has been reading my blog. We are getting together next Saturday and hopefully visiting the Burwell School in Hillsborough, NC. This was a female academy and Mary Todd Lincoln's seamstress, friend and benefactor is from there. It should be interesting. Pics to come!
  I had a good mail week. Some new stash came. There are so many temptations right now. Have you seen the new BBD Halloween designs? I still want to get the new Loose Feathers Design. Maybe Rich will tell me he hit the lottery this week?!! A girl can dream :)

Then I also received my new issue of AFA magazine. Total eye candy. I usually look through the issue a couple of times, read any articles that interest me and then cut out the Huber and Finkle adds to put in my sampler scrap book.
I used to work part time in the office I just moved from. Lots of times I was bored so I would cut out small pics from this magazine. It may have been a painting, a pic of a needlework chest, whatever struck my fancy. Then I would leave it somewhere in the office...on the cork board, taped to the phone, under the blotter... My way of messing with my co-workers :)
   So back to my crazy week... I went to see The Help on Thursday night with some of my friends. The theater was filled with book group ladies. I had listened to the audio of this a couple of years ago and it is an excellent production read by 4 actors. If you haven't read the book I recommend the audio version. The movie was very good, if you are going take some Kleenex!
  I worked Tuesday night and Saturday at the second job. The last couple of days it has rained here and cooled off some. It has actually been in the 60's at night. All I can think about is fall, the smell, walking thru fallen leaves, the colors... I am also thinking of the JCS ornament issue! Have you seen the cover?!! I can't wait.
  My big news of the week is that Rich and I have booked our trip for our 20th anniversary and we will be going here...
I took this pic on the North Shore of Oahu when I was there for work in May 2009. This is the beach where the sea turtle were playing in the waves. I never thought I would see something like that. What a gift!
When I had signed up for this work assignment I was scheduled only to work in California but the schedule changed while I was in California and I ended up in Hawaii for 3 weeks. I had already booked Rich a trip to come see me in California so I couldn't have him come to HI too. Now I get the chance to share all those things I saw with him. I can't wait!

Well, I need to get going. I have to get some grocery shopping done then this afternoon Rich and I are meeting some friends to go see Cowboys & Aliens and I need to do some other errands while we are in town.
I hope that everyone has a great Sunday and that everyone that has kids going back to college or starting school the next couple of weeks has an easy transition.



Penny said...

New stash is always a good thing and it looks like you have a little helper to help you manage it. Sounds like a lovely anniversary trip planned.

Jenny said...

Congrats on your new stash! I am also a fan of Bent Creek and I have to kit with the crows and pumpkins waiting for me in my stitch-room.
The travel destination looks gorgeous - I'll have to show this pic to my DH... ;-)

diamondc said...

Chris: I am happy to hear you had a good time with your husband, I love California, I have been there several times and plan on another trip.
The shors in Oahu look so yummy glad to hear you are experiencing such lovely areas of the U.S.
New stash is always a good thing, that magazine looks very interesting.
Thank-you for sharing.

Nicole said...

You did get some nice stash! Lucky you! :) My dh and I used to live in Hawaii and we loved the North Shore. We used to call that beach - turtle beach. It was so cool! :)

Carol said...

"The Help" was my favorite audio book ever, Chris! Can't wait to see the movie. And wow--what an amazing anniversary trip Oahu will be for you and Rich.

Enjoy that new stash of yours and I hope this week is a bit less hectic for you :)

Myra said...

Whooo hooo! Glad to see you decided on Hawaii. I know you will have a great time. Lovely new additions to your stash. Now when do we find the extra hours to stitch them all?

Myra said...

Whooo hooo! Glad to see you decided on Hawaii. I know you will have a great time. Lovely new additions to your stash. Now when do we find the extra hours to stitch them all?

marly said...

Everyone is commenting on anticipation of fall! Noooooo! Summer went too fast!! Looks like kitty is picking out a favorite. Nice stash.

Gabi said...

Love your beach picture. Great new stash!!
Never saw that magazine before. It looks very interesting.
Looking forward to admire what you stitched for your friend :) And wishing you lots of fun in Hillsborough. :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great stashing! Yes, I've seen the BBD, and am eagerly waiting! What an exciting anniversary - know you will enjoy sharing the fun with your mate. Enjoy!!