Friday, July 8, 2011

When I woke up yesterday morning.....

I didn't think that I would be going to a mini rally...

Rich and I walked down to the visitor center and overheard the discussion about the rally going on.

So we headed out to the hotel where it was taking place and found out that they were headed up to this campground by the lake for lunch and for a panoramic photo. So that is where we ended up for lunch. This club was very nice. Lots of old minis. The spot for the picture was beautiful and it was in a different time zone, central time.
We really couldn't find out what the other events were. Rich and I might head over there again.

Rich and I stopped here for an afternoon snack. Chattanooga I'd the home of this hamburger chain. They are little burgers that are like White Castle's.

For late afternoon Rich and I took a walk.

This is a pedestrian bridge that gies over to the north shore.

This is a view from the bridge of the park on the north shore.

They also have a carousel in the park.

I didn't think that I would be taking a ride on this either.

After our walk we had some pizza at a local place called Lupie's. It was excellent. Then back to the hotel for some stitching.

Are you worn out yet?

So today there is a greater chance of rain so we are going to the aquarium.

Happy Friday!

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