Saturday, July 16, 2011

Relationship Issues

#1. Blogger
I write out these comments to my Blog friends and I get stuck in the sign in loop and I am unable to post a comment. I wish that they would get this issue fixed.

#2 Zippy
My car has been acting up. She went into the shop yesterday and needs a new fuel pump. Hopefully I can pick her up on Monday. So in the meantime I am driving a loaner.

This is a Mini Countryman. It is huge compared to Zips. I have nicknamed it BB. Any guesses what that stands for? It is fun to try out something new but when you are driving I think you are more comfortable in your regular ride.

#3 My Feet
I don't understand why I keep having issues. Yuck!

It didn't help matters that I ram over a box turtle Wednesday morning on my way to work. O usually stop if I can to move them out of the road. Heartbroken.

I did go see Harry Potter last night. Take Kleenex if you are going.

I am getting ready for work. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to get out of this funk and do some stitching.

Happy Saturday!


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robindefender said...

Hey. My blog isn't one you're having problems with, is it? Hope you get your car back in top shape soon, and I'm sorry you're having feet problems. Have a great weekend!

Christina said...

I love minis! Is your car a Bumble Bee?! X

Rowyn said...

Hi Chris, I saw a solution for #1 yesterday and I tried it out this morning and it worked for me. When you go to submit your comment and it asks you to sign in, untick the 'keep signed in' tickbox. Then you won't get stuck in that annoying loop.

valerie said...

Yep, Rowyn has the fix! That should work for you. Sorry to hear about everything. I hope it all gets better but in the meantime, it must be fun to drive BB. I think the minis are so cute!

Myra said...

OH no! Zippy is sick? So sorry to hear that Chris - hope the repair isn't too costly and you don't have to drive "Big Bertha" LOL too long.

I have all sorts of problems with my feet too so I really feel for you.

I wanna see Harry Potter but will wait for the DVD most likely.

Hope Sunday is good to you.

marly said...

I love that car. Sorry about the turtle and your foot problem. Mine take a lot of abuse from me and I'm sure they will throw it back one day!

Siobhan said...

Sorry to hear about the turtle! I know that hurts when you do that.

Agh about the car! I hope you get it back soon. I managed to rip off a part of my car today. Lovely. Thankfully it was just a small bit underneath and decorative, and not noticeable, but I'm still sick about it.

I hope your feet are better soon!