Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Done With This!

I mean this little chart.

I did the finishing on these this evening. One for my Mom & one for me. Mine is the scissor fob version, a perfect match for this pair of ginghers. I did not put a weight in the fob. What do you usually do? Use a quarter?
Things have been pretty busy here. Not much stitching. You can see another small start in the back. I need to get back to another bigger project. It will most likely be the mystery sampler from With Thy Needle.
I think the heat that we are having here is messing with my productivity. I come home from work and crash. I have changed departments at work and I am adjusting to a slightly different schedule. The move is a good thing.

I took some zinnias from the garden today to brighten my work space up.
My other excuses are that I have been busy with other the commitments, the second job, friends, etc.
Last week the Groupon deal of the day came up as cheap tickets to go see NKOTBSB. So what the heck!

Rich went with me. Men were probably outnumbered 10 to 1. He was amazed when he took a trip to the men's room and found it filled with women. Now, I know that anyone who has been to a stitching event has been in the same situation has used the men's room! I have! How about you?
So the concert... One of the opening acts was Matthew Morrison from Glee. Wow! After that it was a tag team concert by New Kids and Backstreet Boys. I didn't really know that many of the New Kid's songs, at that time on my life I was working 60 to 70 hours a week. I did know more of the Back Street Boys songs. I think the screaming could be heard in outer space. Especially when Donnie Wahlburg would pull up his shirt or take it off. Anyway we had fun.
The rest of the week is going to be busy. I am working the next 2 nights at my second job after my 9 to 5, Fridays Rich and I usually do something so for the weekend I hope to lay low and do some stitching.
I hope that you are all staying cool an getting some stitching done. Thanks for all the kind comments.

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Carol said...

I think this heat is slowing us all down, Chris, but your scissor fob and ornament finishes are darling :)

Glad your work change is a good thing--still sounds like you're very, very busy working two jobs, though!

Jenny said...

That concert sounds like a lot of fun - very cool!

I have heard people recommend to fill scissors-fobs with rice, beans or lizard-sand, which is supposed to be crushed walnut shells. Everyone claims that you can find the lizard stuff in the pet store, but I have never had any luck finding any....
I filled my favorite fob with cheap & ugly seed-beads that I had left over from some project. The weight and feel is just right!

Your finished fob and pillow are gorgeous! I say it again; who can resist the combination of birds and berries!? I have printed out the chart and it is waiting for me...

Parsley said...

Cute stitchys!

How funny about the bathroom at the concert! Not sure if I could go in the men's room but desperate times....

Lana said...

Love the fob!! So cute!

Christina said...

I am SO SO jealous! When I was 14/15 I was the biggest NKOTB fan EVER! I never got to see them in concert unfortunately. I paid a huge amount for tickets when they toured the UK a few years ago but the dealer I bought them from turned out to be a fraud. Luckily I got the money back through paypal. I have seen the Backstreet boys in concert and they were amazing! I hope they bring the 'tag' concert tour to the UK!!!

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish!! It looks great.

Cindy's Stitching said...

the fobs are beautiful. Love the design.