Saturday, July 30, 2011

As requested...

 Hello Blog Friends.
  I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday. I got to spend some more time with my new copy of the Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection book.
  Over the years I have accumulated a large library of sampler books. I love sitting down with them and looking at the samplers. They are always and inspiration.
  This one does not disappoint. The pics that I have added are the table of contents. this book is mostly English 17th century pieces.  There are samplers, purses, and those fabulous pictorial pieces. As always there is a large sampler chart included in the cover of the book.
 The book was $80 and I paid $8.55 in shipping. It is available from different places. I ordered mine from Books 'n More. She has a small sampler book business and usually is at the boutique at Christmas at Williamsburg or Jeanine's Gathering of Embroiderer's in Williamsburg. She always wraps the book so it is opening a present and ships it carefully. If you are looking for a particular sampler book or this one and would like to order from her shoot me and email and I will send

 you her contact information. Remember Christmas is coming, you can always let your family know that this is on your wish list :)

I have been struggling to sit down and stitch. It seems that I am having a hard time focusing. There are too many distractions. I am going to try and stitch tonight and catch up on watching this season's first episodes of Haven.

 Rich picked me up from work on Friday and we went to see Captain America. Rich really wanted to see this one. I have to say that I did enjoy it. It wasn't too serious and was kind of campy! So there was another night of no stitching.

Rich and I did the errands and grocery shopping this morning. The farmer's market, gas station, grocery store. Fresh corn, yum. I hope it is sweet. Our garden has been vandalized by the deer and other varmints. We are only having luck with green peppers and basil.
That's it from here. Have a great Saturday night!




Jenny said...

Chris, thanks so much for sharing! That book seems to be stuffed with beautiful samplers - what a treasure! I love the sweet-bag section.
It looks like you will have many hours of fun looking through this book front cover to back cover!
You are not alone feeling like not stitching sometimes. I think that we all do that, but the nice thing with stitching is that it does not have an expiration date, so no worries - when you feel like picking it back up again, it will be there waiting for you!

Catherine said...

What a fabulous book! Thank you for sharing with us!

Myra said...

I could spend hours looking through that book I am sure. I'll have to bring you some tomatoes and cucumbers Saturday - I am covered up!

marly said...

Wow. I appreciate your sharing! This sure helps when someone is ordering online and has no idea what to expect. Thank you.

Lana said...

It's actually Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection mispelled the last name...I looked it up under "Fuller", then noticed it's Feller"...might wanna make a note of that, and wow! what a treasure it is! I'm gonna try to order it!