Friday, June 24, 2011


Hello Friends,
  I hope that everyone has had a great week. It has been a busy long one here. When I got home today from work I had this visitor on my patio. What a sweetie. I haven't seen her around before. She looked like she was in good shape and was very sweet and sociable. It is the first time I have seen her.
  I didn't accomplish very much stitching. I did the finishing on a small piece but that is about it. I am trying to plan a Blog anniversary giveaway. It has been a year already! Stay tuned for details.
  For now it is off to catch up on some things. I will have another stitchy update tomorrow.
Sweet Dreams!



Patty C. said...

She is a cutie ;)

robindefender said...

Awww, what a sweetie. Did you feed her? ; )

Jenny said...

I wish I could have a cat or two - they are just too sweet! I think that all our parrots would freak out though...
I can always tell myself that it is almost as good to see photos on-line! :-D