Friday, April 22, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch...

Hello Friends,
   Thank you for all your kind comments and please forgive my slowness in responding to them. I appreciate them so much!
  Today was a gray rainy day here in NC. I met one of my dear friends for our quarterly lunch and adventure. We go to a museum or tour a historic home. Today's target was the Blandwood Mansion in Greensboro, NC. This was Govenor Morehead's home in the early 1800's. It sits in a part of Greensboro that is mostley modern buildings and parking lots. Not much of old Greensboro remains. Most of the buildings are from the 1900's. We were the only visitors on our tour and had a great time seeing the property. The Morehead's were very involved in female education and the founding of the Edgeworth Female Seminary. The school opened in 1840 and operated until 1871. The building burned in 1872.

You can see the sight of the seminary from the house. It is now the YMCA and a parking lot. I have never seen any needlework from this school. I am sure that there must be some out there. I wonder what kind of samplers they stitched? Did they do silkwork pictures? So many questions and so few answers.
During the tour we were shown a painting one of the girls did while at the school. They did have a couple of silkwork pictures on the walls but they did not know where they were from.

Do you explore your area? If you are a sampler stitcher, do you know where the samplers are in your area? Have you stitched a sampler from that area?
I have stitched a North Carolina Sampler. I lived in Connecticut for a long time and I need to stitch a piece from there. I also lived in Maine, so I need to find a nice Maine sampler chart. I have friends that like to stitch samplers with their family name. I have never seen a sampler with my last name. I guess ,that I am kind of thinking out loud here :)
After the tour we had some lunch at a nice place named Cafe Europa in downtown GSO. They have a Croque Monsieur sandwich that comes with a iceberg wedge with bleu cheese. YUM. Perfect for a rainy day. It was great talking about stitching, maybe going to the Winterthur symposium in the fall and a slew of other topics.
It was a great afternoon and just what I needed!

Rich's day...that is a whole different story, it involved new trailer tires, cutting down trees and some other incidents. Fortunately, Rich and his trailer and the M37 made it down to the Military truck rally at the camp ground in the Uhwarrie. It is about 25 miles from our house. Rich will be home late tonight and go back in the morning. I may be joining them for dinner tomorrow night. He is having a good time now that he is there and that is all that matters!

I am going to stitch now. I hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing. I wish we had history here but not much went on here in the desert. Sounds like you had a great day. Happy Easter!

TeresaB said...

Last Sunday I went with my mom and a friend on a tour of restored homes in a section of Jacksonville that I just love. Unfortunately there aren't any historical samplers that I'm aware of from this area, not many from the more southern states at all really for any number of reasons. Oh well, I'll just keep stitching all the others I like, reproductions and new ones. It would be fun to find some with family names on them, but I've never really looked, may have to do that since you've put the idea in my head.