Saturday, March 26, 2011


Dear friends,
Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your week has gone well. The week has flown by. I have been training at another site to do the patient assistance at that location. They use a very complex spreadsheet and I have really no excel experience. Needless to say I have been mentally exhausted. Next week I start doing that position 3 days a week, wish me luck. It is a 40 hr a week position and I will be trying to do it in 24. Well at least it is a job. The department may be gone as of July 1st. Stressful :)
I have been working on an exchange piece so I don't have stitching to show. I went to hobby lobby this morning to try and find some backing fabric but did not find anything so on to plan B?

It is spring here in NC. Sorry that I can't figure out to rotate this picture. This is from my garden. The dogwoods are blooming. It looks like snow outside my bedroom window. This time of year it looks different outside every day, a little greener, some new color.
Today is grey and cloudy. We had to run some errands this morning and I baked some banana bread and made a big pot of minestrone. Now maybe I will do some stitching....or catch up on my blog reading!

Have a great evening.

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Myra said...

That Minestrone looks delicious and perfect for the sort of day we had today. Good luck with the new position!

Glenna said...

I love the minestrone picture--so appetizing with the steam coming off it. Have faith in yourself--you will be fine with the spreadsheets and the work. Our trees and flowers are blooming too--it does look a little different every day.

Carol said...

I'm sure that Excel program will become easier and easier with practice, Chris. Best of luck in your new position :)

And please send some of your nice spring weather up north--it was 15 degrees when I woke up yesterday!!