Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye February! Welcome March!

Hello Friends.
   I know that I have been pretty quiet. I have been trying to read the blogs but I have not really even had time to return phone calls or emails. I don't like it. I guess that I have just been over committed between my jobs and my other commitments. I have to get through work tomorrow and then I don't have any nights at my second job this week or other commitments and I am off next weekend. Yahoo!
  So I am planning to stitch and take care of some things at home. Rich's birthday is next Sunday so I want to make one of his favorite dinners. We are going to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings next Friday night and REO Speedwagon the following weekend. Yes, I will be singing a long at the top of my lungs :)
   Today Rich and I ran our morning errands and then headed over to our vets. We got a call on Monday from Darlene who had 2 young cats that she wanted us to come see and consider adopting. So today was meet and greet and of course we now have 2 new additions to the family.
This is the first boy. He is about 5 months old and is a lean high energy guy. They have been here about 5 hours and he runs right up to you and goes to sleep around your neck purring. He is not shy at all. Apparently he had been adopted before but brought back, long story. I think he has found his forever home. Now we just need to give him a name. I think he is more dark brown than black.

This is the second cat. He is under a year old and was hit by a car and has a broken leg that is healing. He is just a little gimpy now. The vet wasn't sure of the whole situation but it sounds like it wasn't a good one. He is long haired and has a gray ruff. He is sweet and affectionate but he and the other one are measuring each other up and he is slinking around. I lay down for awhile and both were on the bed with me. They are both very affectionate. When we adopted Sable and Lex they were 7 years old and were not affectionate or lap cats, you couldn't pick them up. These 2 seem much different.

They are fixed and up to date on all their shots and the vets office didn't charge us an adoption fee just sent us off with a bag of cat food. They will be getting a pizza delivery this week from us :)
I hope this week goes well. Hopefully next time I can give you some names.

This is all that you will see of this since it is for an exchange. I have not stitched at all the last 2 weeks. So I have put away MA Tipper until this is done. It is fun for me to stitch with some other colors for a little while.
So today was a day to stay in, no hike this week. I think that I need to get over this fatigue. I dusted all my jars and the living room, took a nap and made this for dinner. This is Green Chile pork stew from Better Homes and Gardens. Very easy and pretty yummy. It will be appearing again on our menu.

So that's it from here. I hope that the funk is behind me.

Have a great weekend!



Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on the two new additions to your family.

robindefender said...

What beautiful little cats you have found! I'm sure you'll find great names for them.

I also hope the funk has been banished with the changing of the months. Looking forward to hearing more blog posts from you.

Myra said...

Hi Chris! Sorry to hear you are in a funk - it seems to be affecting lots of us right now. Do you think maybe part of it is seasonal? Like you, I have been busy and exhausted - with the promise of spring I hope we can get back to normal. Those new additions to your family are sure to help a bit. Congratulations!

Rowyn said...

Congrats on your new arrivals. They are gorgeous.

Cath said...

Lovely new fur babies . Enjoy your time off and relax .X

Carol said...

Aww...I love your newest kitties. I'm sure they'll really liven things up around your house.

Good to hear you'll have some extra "you" time coming up, Chris, without working that second job for a while. Enjoy those new additions :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What adorable new fur babies!!!

Mary said...

How wonderful to have found two gorgeous kitties! Being so young, that should liven things up at home a bit! They look like fun! Enjoy a restful week.

diamondc said...

Congratulations on your new babies they are adorable, just think if they are affectionate now when they really get to know you they will be your constant shadows, oh how lucky you are, my Verne teh Cat had to go to heaven last august (19years old.
The stew looks lovely and very yummy, if you get a chance go to
Peace to you