Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Update

Hello Friends,
   I hope that everyone has had a great week. Thank you for all your kind comments about Lex and my M.A.Tipper sampler.
   Things were pretty busy this week so I did not get much stitching done. I did receive 2 new sampler books to add to my library. The new Whitney catalog is fabulous as always and the other book has some great samplers in it too.
  I worked Monday night at my 2nd job until 10pm, Wednesday I had dinner with 2 friends from my 2nd job that I haven't seen in about a year and Thursday night was EGA. It was my turn to be stitcher of the month and talk about my stitching. So, I brought a long a couple of my Southern samplers and talked about why I like stitching samplers. My friend is borrowing them for a lecture she is giving on Southern Samplers. There is no Powerpoint available so she will have stitched examples in stead. So my girls are on tour :) Lucky them :)

 I also received these 2 magazines this week. I like both the samplers that are charted in SANQ and this issue of Just Cross Stitch has a couple of great designs. I really like the Blue Ribbon Designs chart. The last 2 issues have been really good.
Today I drove to Raleigh to meet a friend for lunch and this is where we ended up. I guess it is the cool place to eat BBQ. As you can see it was packed. The interior was nice and upscale but the menu was all types of BBQ. We started with a cast iron skillet of pumpkin cornbread, more like a dessert than a starter. Then onto BBQ. I had brisket and my friend had chopped with a side of greens and fried okra. You don't get more southern than that! Afterwards we went to see The King's Speech. I LOVED it! Colin Firth and Geoffry Rush were amazing. I hope that they both win. I think Christian Bale was pretty amazing in the Fighter too.
After the fun I hit Trader Joe's to stock up and then headed home.
   The beginning of the year I downloaded the Lose It app for my Ipad. It helps you set a weight loss goal and lets you track your food and exercise. The result is so far I have lost 10 pounds. It has taken some time but is not really drastic. So I will continue my slow and steady journey. actually finally let some of the girls talk me into a Zumba class on Friday. It was a lot of fun. I may have to find a class in Asheboro.
  I really need to go stitch now. I have signed up for a spring exchange and will be taking a little break from my Bristol sampler. Maybe I will start to hunt down a chart that I want to stitch soon I have a couple of options in my mind but I think I need to search more.

Have a good evening and a great Sunday!



Glenna said...

I'm curious about what charts you're interested in stitching. I used to live in NC (Hickory), and I miss that style barbecue. It's mostly TX style here in VA--sweet gloppy sauce. Good for you for losing weight--I need to do that. Less stitching and more walking would help.

robindefender said...

I heard there's a giraffe on one of the samplers in SANQ. You know I'm anxious to check that out! A & I really enjoyed the King's Speech too. Of course, I think he was a little surprised when I whispered, "He's a rat, he's a rat!" when Winston Churchill came on screen (from Harry Potter)

Carol said...

Sounds like a busy, fun week. Thanks for the heads up on the JCS issue, Chris--I'll check it out when I'm at work at the library today :)

Great job on your weight loss and I think that kind of slow and steady loss is better in the long-run. I think you keep it off longer and just get used to that way of eating and exercising and it becomes second nature. Good luck :)

Myra said...

Hi Chris! Sounds like you had a busy but fun week. I have to find that JCS issue. I hope you are enjoying our wonderful weekend weather.

Melissa said...

Chris, I'm curious as to the red book in the first photo. It's supposed to have some samplers charted, right? Do you like the book?

Good for you on losing the weight. Can I use the excuse that I don't have an ipad? ;-)

Mary said...

Congrats on the weight loss as it's never easy.

When out of town I've been able to get some copies of SANQ, but none of the local stores carry it. I love the designs and the articles, so will have to subscribe. Your 2 new books look very interesting.

Have a great week!