Friday, February 4, 2011

A change in plans

I woke up this morning to freezing rain. Yuck ! I was supposed to leave and drive up to Williamsburg to be there to have lunch with a friend. So, erring on the side of caution I decided to stay home. I had not signed up for a class, I was just going to visit and hang out. It has been nasty and cold all day so I am very happy with the decision except for missing my friends. Rich would have driven up with me but I knew that he had been planning to burn this weekend. We have 5 acres and most of it is wooded so we end up with lots of downed trees over the year so once a year he has accumulated a large pile that he then burns. The poor guy has been outside all day in the rain. I made a quiche for lunch and Rich actually ate some. He really doesn't like eggs that much. I am still using up leftover ham from last week. It was nice and hot meal for a cold rainy day.
Things have also been a little stressful here over the last couple of weeks but I am looking forward to the fact that some things have finally been resolved and hopefully we can move forward. I think Rich and I are both tired from stress. So hopefully we can recharge over the weekend. Spend some time together, maybe see a movie, go for a hike.
I have worked a little more on M.A. Are you guys tired of seeing red? I really don't want to pick up anything else because it will be easy to get distracted from this sampler. All of your kind comments are keeping me motivated. Hopefully I will make some more progress this weekend. I am going to look through some of my stash too.

That's it from here. Stay safe and warm!



Michele said...

The quiche looks good! It was cold, wet, and nasty here too. We had cabbage soup and fruit cobbler. I hope you get to recharge this weekend!

Myra said...

It was just nasty here today, wasn't it? I am sorry you missed your trip. I know you were looking forward to meeting up with your friends. I do hope you and Rich get some fun time together this weekend to make up for it. Personally, I am loving the red and enjoying watching your progress.

Faye said...

Chris, are you kidding?? I will NEVER get tired of seeing the red!!haha love this sampler and its progression.... I hate you did not end up going on your trip but I would have done the same thing. Threat of bad weather is nothing to play with...It was very cold in Pinehurst too but we did not have the sleet... We ended up coming to Cherry Grove Beach last night and it is cold and rainy here too. Just needed a change of scene even if the weather is going to be wintery. Hope Rich got the burn finished and able to check that off his list....I know about the stress too...Our older son got laid off about a month ago and might be moving back home from Fayetteville...And, of course, my job in the schools is rumored to be eliminated for next, trying to NOT stress, but hard not to.... Hang in there girl!! Faye

Carol said...

Sorry you missed your chance to go to Williamsburg, Chris, but I think you were smart to stay safe at home...Your quiche looks yummy and who can ever tire of red and white!

Hope your weekend is relaxing and the weather cooperates :)

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear you didn't make it to see your friends. Sounds like you will be making the best of it though!

I love seeing the red!

Beedeebabee said...

I'm not tired of seeing red at all...this sampler is so beautiful...and so much work is going into it. What a treasure it will be when it's done....I hope you're able to destress this weekend. Try to have some fun. xo Paulette :D

Mary said...

I'm sure you were disappointed for not getting to go visit with your friends, but I think you made a good decision!

The quiche looks wonderful-just the thing for cold, rainy day.

Love seeing the pics of sampler. You are making lots of progress.

Stay warm!

Robin said...

Chris, the quiche looks yummy! I hate driving in icy conditions so I would have made the same choice to stay home. No, I am definitely not sick of the red! In fact, I scrolled back and reviewed your progress. For some reason it just clicked that this sampler will be a wonderful alphabet reference to use in other projects. Very cool, indeed!

I really enjoyed looking back at some of the samplers that you have stitched and framed. Beautiful work!

robindefender said...

Hey Chris, I was bummed that you couldn't make it for lunch, and MaryAnn was sad to miss you for dinner. But I'm glad you're safe! Guess who else was here this weekend... Cissy!!! (maybe you already knew that)

Anyway, tell you more later, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Your progress is looking great!

diamondc said...

Chris: This is beautiful I await the finished look I love red.
Stay warm at least you donot have to put up with snow my land has over five feet of snow on it.
Peace to you