Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not much to show

Well here is what my girl looks like as of tonight. I did not accomplish a lot of stitching this week. I must admit I have had the urge to look through my stash for something else to play with, but I have resisted.

I appreciate every one's comments on my sampler wall. I love them all.

This weekend I worked on Saturday. It was really busy due to the fact that some weathermen have mentioned the "S" word for the beginning of the week.
Today Rich and I went for a hike and I cooked a ham that I had bought. So lunch for the week will be ham sandwiches and I will save the bone to make a big pot of minestrone.
EGA was Thursday and most of the meeting was taken up with plans for our upcoming class with Meg Shinall.
I have an appointment to go back to the foot Dr. on Friday. I am gimping around and paying for the hike in a big way. Maybe orthodics are the next step.
I did see a couple of movies last week. Rich and I saw True Grit. I am not a big western person but I do like the Cohen Bros. and I enjoyed the movie. On Monday a friend from work and I went to see Black Swan, very dark and twisty. Hopefully next week Rich and I will see the Way Back. On Sunday I will be going to the Men's Long Program at the US National Figure skating competition in Greensboro. I love watching skating on TV, I hope it will be great in person.

I hope that everyone has a great week.
Sweet Dreams!



Michele said...

Keep it up! It looks great!

robindefender said...

Progress is progress, right?

Do you always pick one piece and stick with it til it's done, or do you sometimes have a rotation?

Myra said...

I admire you for sticking with this project. Lucky you - going to the ice skating. I have wondered if it will be as good in person so you will have to report back. Hope your foot/leg feels better soon!

Mary said...

A few stitches are better than none! Looks great.

I saw some of the best skaters about 10 years ago. Just fabulous! You should really enjoy yourself.