Monday, December 27, 2010

A Gift From a Friend

I received a wonderful package from my friend MaryAnn last week.
Inside was a fabulous little snowman pin that I have been wearing all week. I think that Snowmen are one of my favorite motifs. I have a purple corduroy sweatshirt that matches perfectly with his scarf and hat. My friends were very amazed at how well we were coordinated.
I am excited about the sampler calendar. I am going to try and keep track of my stitching this year. I can kind of tell you what I finished or worked on but I couldn't give you a total or what I bought. That is going to change with the help of this calendar.
And the last thing was a project bag. Now I can replace one if those zip locks that I carry around.
Thank you so much MaryAnn! I can't wait to catch up in February!

Now, I have to get moving. I need to go to the post office and by Goodwill and to the grocery store. I plan to be home to do some stitching this afternoon.

Happy Monday!
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Myra said...

Nice gifts - the pin is really cute and that sampler book looks really handy.

Lana said...

The pin looks adorable!! I too love Snowmen!!

Meari said...

What a nice giftie!