Saturday, November 27, 2010


On Thursday when we put up the tree, we vacuumed the living room first. One member of our household hates it when we vacuum! A little while later Rich went upstairs for something and asked me to come up stairs because there was a lump in our nicely made bed. It seems that someone had gotten between the 2 quilts on the bed and was hunkered down.

I think this is where she spent most of her day!! I haven't seen her do this before and she has not done it since. Cats are so funny!!

I finished another ornament form the 2005 issue. It will go in a pile for next years finishing frenzy. I should take out another sampler to work on but I am going to try and get another of my ornament kits finished.

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my tree and my ornaments. I enjoy seeing everyone else's too. You guys are very inspiring!

Happy Saturday!


diamondc said...

I just love the fact that your cat was between the quilts, its so cozy under there.
Nice ornament for your tree.

Rowyn said...

Cats are funny. They are such creatures of habit usually, and then they do something really random to surprise you.

I like your Xmas tree finish. You really are the ornament Queen! :-)

Kttycat said...

My cat use to do that all the time. She lived under my quilt in bed. Any time we couldn't find her i'd just check the bed. Because sometimes she would be so hidden under the covers.

Parsley said...

A few of our dogs run from the vacuum. You'd think we tortured them with it but the only reason we use it so much is because of THEM.

Your ornie will be so cute.

robindefender said...

I love the little quilt lump! Spike usually ends up on top of the kitchen cabinets when the vacuum comes out. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Chris I think that's why we love our cats so much they do crazy things!! My boys don't like the vaccum either!

That ornament is just lovely! I should look that one up!