Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here is the 2005 Brittercup Designs ornament from the 2005 JCS ornament issue.

I decided to whip stitch this one together and stuff it.


It turned out very cute. I am working on some others too. My schedule this week is not as full. I am working 6-10 at my second job Tuesday night. I am off on Thursday so I may do a Trader Joe's run with my Mom.

This is the fabulous pair of scissors that my friend gave me for my birthday.
This is the 17th century band sampler that my EGA chapter is working on.

I am just collecting the chart.
Rich and I went for a hike this morning. We had our first hard frost last night. It is supposed to be 70 Monday and Tuesday.

That's it from here. I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

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Cindy's Stitching said...

bittercup is so pretty. I have done that ornament in the past. Frost I don't like. A reminder of what is to come.

Glenna said...

Your Brittercup is very cute! (I can't see the other photo beneath it). The band sampler is gorgeous--I think I'd want to collect it also!

Myra said...

Another cute ornament Chris! I can only see the one photo too. That band sampler is gorgeous! Brrrr - t'was cold here this morning, wasn't it?

Carol said...

What a sweet ornament, Chris! And, believe it or not, I just bought the exact same pair of scissors! Aren't they pretty!

Lovely band sampler...Hope your week warms up :)

FIONA said...

Love the sampler you are stitching and the scissors are gorgeous! I have enjoyed reading your blog! Fiona

Pumpkin said...

Your ornie is cute :o)

What a lovely birthday gift!