Sunday, October 10, 2010

Progress & Pesto!

I have made a little progress on this Trilogy piece that I am stitching. Rich and I got home yesterday afternoon. The drive took us most of the day. We stopped at the Green Valley Book Fair to check out if there was anything we "needed." Rich found a couple of books so that made it worth the stop. I am trying not to bring more books into the house and to use the library so the things I picked up I talked myself into putting back down. Yea for me!

This morning Rich and I ran some errands and then finally got some pesto made!

Beautiful basil!!

Pine nuts and garlic!

Add some olive oil and presto change-o!!
Now it gets put into ice cube trays to freeze and then taken out a few cubes at a time for pesto based pizza. The wonderful taste of summer in the middle of January :)

I will be starting to work on finishing this week. I try to do my ornament finishing in October and November. This worked for me last year, hopefully I will be able to accomplish a lot this year. I need to go get a sheet of Bristol board for some of the ornament forms. First I need to pull everything out and look thru my fabric stash for backing material. I need to get motivated! Check back dear readers for progress updates! I hope!! LOL!

Have a nice evening.



Myra said...

Pesto, Yummo! Welcome home. :o) Nice progress on the trilogy piece. Have a great week!

Siobhan said...

Nice work on your Trilogy piece! Pesto--YUMMMMMMM. Basil--YUMMMMMM. Good for you on trying to use the library more, too. I am trying to do the same. One of my favorite authors, Kate Morton, has a new book out this week and I'm battling with myself as to whether to wait till the library gets it or to buy it in hardback. Self discipline has never been a strong suit!

Meari said...

What a cute trilogy piece. Yummo, pesto!

Pumpkin said...

Cute WIP!

Homemade pesto...YUM :o)