Saturday, October 23, 2010

Date nite

Yea, the weekend is here!
Last night Rich and I went out for dinner after work. We had a nice Greek meal then went to see Easy A. Cute movie, I loved 16 Candles and the other John Hughes movies growing up and this was kind of an ode to those movies. After the movie it was off to Maxie B.s for a slice of cake. This is raspberry lady cake. Yum! Tastes best when you share it with your best buddy.

Today the morning temps were in the upper 30s. I could have stayed in bed under my heavy covers. Of course, I still have my window open. It got up to the mid 70s today so the house stays pretty warm still.

So this morning to was off to Cary to meet one of my friends. Susan, is one of my Sampler friends that I go to lots of seminars with. Today we went to the NC Museum of History to see the George Washington exhibit. It is based on the new exhibits at Mt. Vernon. After that it was off to a nice long lunch to talk about stitching, the holidays, work, etc. Then back to Trader Joe's to stock up and then back home.

Tonight I tried out a new recipe for dinner, unstuffed cabbage rolls. Kind of a on large skillet meal, tomato paste, stewed tomatos, ground beef, chopped cabbage and spices. It turned out pretty yummy, a good cooler weather dish. I also mad a loaf of banana bread and then ....finally started to work on some finishing...

I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday! Check back tomorrow to see who will receive the EEF Purple Heart chart :)
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