Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yes...stitched in 2008.....finished today. This is one of Blue Ribbon Designs ornaments for the JCS ornament issue...probably 2007.

Finishing is not my favorite thing... I do ok but I have to make myself do it. I learned to finish in some Jane Timmers ( Fancy Work ) classes. I have also taken some classes with CA Wells, but her pieces have pretty elaborate designs and construction that I probably wouldn't apply to my ornaments. I don't sew so that type of finishing is out. I will stitch bit sides of an ornament and then back stitch around the designs then whip stitch them together and stuff them.

What is your favorite type of finishing? Where did you learn finishing? What is your best finishing tip? These are things that I think about in the middle of the

My week has been pretty busy. Monday, dinner with some friends. Tuesday, movie night with Rich( saw RED, very cute). Wednesday, work second job, tonight haircut and some grocery shopping.

A little stitching...this is Angel Stitchin's 2005 JCS ornament.
I have also wasted a good amount of time playing games on my Ipad. I spent my whole lunch hour playing Plants vs. Zombies!

There has been some nice things going on at work this week. Tuesday the 26th was Pharmacy Technician day so at work they had bagels and Chick-fill-a and a nice treat bag. Then for the United Way Campaign they sold Boo-grams that you could send to your friends and colleagues. They got delivered today. Fun!

Well, that's the update here! I hope that everyone has been having a great week & has a great weekend planned.


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Cindy's Stitching said...

You did a great job finishing. I can't believe you waited two years. But many stitchers said they have tons of pieces to finish. I like making the into pillow ornaments because I have a sewing machine and it is so easy.