Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blow out...

This is how my morning started out. Rich and I went to start our Saturday hike and about 8 minutes in...bam!  The sole came almost completely off my hiking boot. Now the truth is that they were quite old and well worn. They climbed Mt. Washington and Jefferson and hiked all the AT in CT. So I am kind of sad. Rich and I have really not hike the past ten years or so and we are trying to get back to it. It is good quality, meditative time for both of us. I can definitely use the exercise too. So what to do, we headed back to the house where I had a backup pair and we went and did a 5 mile hike.

   It was a busy week here. I worked my second job a couple of nights, had dinner with friends and stopped by to see my Mom. It continues to be in the 90's here. Next week, more of the same. It is so dry and hot. We need rain badly and I want it to be cooler. Hurry fall!

I finished stitching the Handwork 2005 JCS ornament. I decided to leave off the yellow background around the hearts, thanks Faye and Myra for the feedback :)  Hopefully I will do the finishing next month.

I am looking at another busy week. Dinner with friends Monday & Tuesday, working Thursday, Minipalooza Saturday...time is flying by. I can't believe it is the 2nd half of September.

This is my new start. By The Light of The Moon freebie by the Primitive Needle. I like the squiggly tree. I needed to do something fall themed and I am not in the mood to start or pick up a sampler right now.
  The rest of my day off is spent doing some housework, going thru some things and hopefully stitching. Tomorrow it is back to work!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Stitching!



Jules said...

Ouch! That has to hurt...poor sole...

Your stitching is lovely!!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Very pretty. I like the colors. I see you like to hike. I like to bike and walk. There isn't any place to hike where I live. Can't wait to see it finished.

Blu said...

Lovely finish! I've never seen that freebie by the Primitive Needle. *Heads off to look*