Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'd rather be stitching...

Off to work today. Hopefully it will be a quiet day in the pharmacy. I just am not comfortable giving up my second job at CVS. I am afraid that my full time job with Guilford County may disappear. I also would like to keep my skill set current and I do like the discount. I just put my pay from this job in savings.. It helps with my stitching expenses.

I got a little more done on my Handwork ornament. It is a kit that I received in a kit exchange I participated in based on the JCS ornament issues. This kit has a piece of fabric that is almost too small for the design and I am not going to have enough floss. GRRRR. I have found the color of GAST I need in my stash and I don't think the dye lot is off all that much.

Not much stitching foreseen in the upcoming week. Work all week, dinner Monday with some of the girls, EGA on Thursday...
Some of the church signs I see make me smile. This is one of my favorites.

Have a great Sunday.


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Pumpkin said...

LOL! Cute sign :o) You have some lovely stitching on your Blog.

Thank you for stopping by mine! Thank you for your compliment on my pictures :o)