Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gift for a friend

One of my stitching buddies birthday's is in August and I have decided to stitch a patriotic ornament. This is a freebie design from Breanna Stewart. I changed the colors to WDW floss and used Lancater Red, Pea Coat and Angel Hair on 35ct. vintage linen. I am going to finish it by backstitching and whip stitching it together and stufing it as a pillow. So today's goal is to decide what I want to stitch on the back and get it stitched :)
   Tuesday is matinee day at our movie theater in town. When Rich gets home from work tonight we will head out to see Salt.
  My recovery is coming along. The butterfly bandages came off yesterday. I am not going to try driving until the end of the week. It is amazing how tired I have been. I think part of it is from not sleeping well right after the surgery. I am finally able to sleep on my stomach again, so that helps.
 Maybe I will have a finishing update tomorrow.
Hope it is cooler for everyone today.

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